WOD for Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

~By James Villepigue CSCS & Hobie Call

Libby DiBiase – Gaspari Nutrition & Reebok sponsored athlete – The Obstacle Race Training Bible - Penguin–Fall, 2012

Happy Monday, Spartan Warriors! It’s the first Monday of June and summer is quickly approaching. That means it’s not only time to look good, but it’s high time for you to add some “go” into your “show”!

Today’s WOD will focus a lot on lower & upper body power. I define power as the ability to perform an explosive and powerful movement, at will. Lower body power is essential when running the Spartan Race, as it will have a tremendous affect on your ability to scale walls, jump hurdles and blast past your competition.

One final thing about generating explosive power: Do not expect to feel your muscles respond to the power movements, as they would with traditionally based resistance training movements. You’re not necessarily going to hit momentary muscular failure or have a significant build up of lactic acid. That’s not what we’re after anyway. However, the muscles will still be working optimally!

I also threw in a few cardio based movements toward the end of each cycle!

Let’s get to the details. It appears that a lot of you, close to 1,000 of you really like the work-to-rest timed element with last week’s WOD. So, I am going to continue using the timer to get you primed and peaked for your next race.

Set your timer to 35 seconds of work and to 15 seconds of rest. Here is a list of today’s exercises and a thorough exercise description for each, to ensure that you’re practicing perfect exercise form:

You’ll be executing a total of 15 exercises, which makes up one full cycle. You may repeat cycles based on your level of conditioning. You’ll be working at a 45 second work time and a 15 second rest between exercises. That’s a lot of work and a tiny bit of rest, so be forewarned and be ready to work!

Here’s how each superset sequence will look and work:

1- Torso Swing - You can either attach rubber exercise tubing to a sturdy anchor point or you can stand in front of a cable station. Adjust either, so that the resistance is positioned at the mid point of your chest. Grab the handle (or one side of the tubing) with both hands, one hand over the other. Face forward so that the resistance is facing the front of you. Now, with feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, abs tight, chest out, shoulder pulled back and down and with head straight and kept there throughout the 35 seconds, rapidly twist your torso to the left (as if you were swinging a baseball bat), quickly return to center and immediately swing to the right. It should look & feel like a smooth twisting motion back and fourth. Focus on allowing the abdominal and oblique muscles to do the moving. The more you concentrate on the abdominals, the more they will become engaged during the movement.

2- Squat To Power Press Make sure that you use proper form – Grab a pair of dumbbells and bring them up to shoulder height, with palms facing forward. Feet are hip width apart, knees are slightly bent to start, head is up and eyes looking up on an angle, chest out, shoulders back, abs tight and lower back arched, not rounded. As you squat down, stick your butt our and mimic the movement of “sitting back” into a chair. This will help to keep the lower lumbar region of your back in check. It will also help to keep your knees back behind your toes. When you reach the depth of thighs parallel to the ground, focus on distributing the weight throughout the entire foot and quickly stand up…but now, use that standing momentum and transition right into your overhead dumbbell shoulder press. Slowly lower the dumbbells back to shoulder height and immediately go right into your next squat repetition.

3- Jump To Box or Bench – Stand at an arm’s length distance away from the bench or box. Take a hip-width stance, bend knees slightly, keep abs tight, chest is out and shoulders are back and down. Keep the head up and wrap your brain around the fact that you want to explosively jump up to your target. Now, dip down rapidly,

swing those arms back, drive them forward and upward, and explosively jump up onto the bench/box. Jump just high enough so that you land in a semi-squat position. Return to the ground by stepping down or hopping off of the box. Remember, this is for time, so rush to get back to the start position, prepared for your next repetition.

4- Dumbbell Snatch (right arm) – Place a dumbbell down on the floor in front of you. Take a hip-width stance and squat down and take hold of the dumbbell with your right hand. Stand up and position the dumbbell in front of your right thigh. Your right hand’s knuckles will be facing forward. Now, squat down, keeping your upper body erect, your abs tight and your head up. With your lower back arched for safety, lower the dumbbell between the knees, keeping that right arm straight (left arm may be held out to side for balance) and shoulder is positioned over the dumbbell. Pull (like an upright power row) the dumbbell up by explosively extending hips and knees and jump upward extending your entire body. The action involves shrugging your shoulders and pulling the dumbbell upward forcefully to a fully extended right arm, overhead position. Without delay, you want to simultaneously drop into a squat position, essentially bringing your body right underneath the dumbbell. Next, extend both knees and hips to rise back to the standing position with the dumbbell still locked out overhead. Now, lower dumbbell to front of shoulder, then down to original position in front of thigh. Repeat on same side for 35 seconds.

5- Dumbbell Snatch (left arm)

6- Lateral Push-Off Jump (right leg) – Place your right foot on a bench or box (your thigh should be positioned parallel to the floor). With knees slight bent, chest out and shoulders back and down and head straight, swing both of your arms back and explosively upward, as you simultaneously push that right foot off against the bench/box. Jump as high as you possibly can, extending your entire body up and reaching toward the sky. Absorb the shock to your hips/knees by landing on your toes with soft knees. Allow them to act as your shock absorbers.

7- Lateral Push-Off Jump (left leg)

8- Barbell Lever One-Arm Press (right arm) - Position an Olympic bar with one (unloaded) end in a corner. You must secure the other end with something like a heavy dumbbell or you can have a train partner stand on it. Just please be careful!

Load the lifting side of the barbell with a sufficient amount of weight, but please don’t go crazy – this is about power, not strength! Pick the bar up and place the loaded end on the right shoulder with right elbow tucked back and that hand and wrist in a cocked position, ready to explosively press the bar upward.

Your feet will be in a staggered stance, where the right leg is positioned back and remains fully extended the left leg is positioned forward with a slight bend in the knee. Next, press the end of the barbell upward and forward until your right arm is fully extended. Use your entire body to heave that bar up! Now, lower the bar, under control, back to the right shoulder and repeat for the 35 seconds

9- Barbell Lever One-Arm Press (left arm)

10- Straight Punches – Take a hip width stance and bend the knees slightly. Your objective is to punch straight ahead, as fast as you can. DO NOT lock out your elbows. This is not about throwing the perfect punch…it’s about the speed of the punch and the rapid fire movement.

11- Side Shuffle

12- Jump Rope

13- Swiss Ball Ab Toss:  You can do this with a partner or lone wolf style. If it’s the latter, find a wall that will allow you to throw and bounce the ball back and fourth to yourself. Take a seated position preferably on a cushioned mat, with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. The idea is to receive the ball with arms fully extended overhead. As you catch the ball, without any delay, sit back, bounce the ball behind you and sit up, making sure that those abdominals are doing the work and when you reach the full sit-up position, throw the ball back to it’s source. Repeat for 35 seconds.

Repeat 2-4 Times!

As always, please have a timer with a beep indicator to ensure that you keep tabs on your work time. At the end of each cycle (the 13th exercise), you’ll have a 1-minute break. ENJOY IT!

If you need to take more rest, do so, but no cheating yourself!

As always, please have some cool water, a towel and a timer with you.

Please remember to let Hobie and I know how you liked today’s WOD!

Keep Going!

James Villepigue & Hobie Call

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    Great workout! I added using very light dumbbells to the straight punches just to add a little more resistance…some exercises like the Lateral push-off jump, I think need a least a minute to really feel the excercise…but other than that, one Great WOD!!! THANKS! Keep’em coming…

  2. avatar

    This looks awful-awesome! I can’t wait to kill it in the A.M.

  3. avatar

    The work time for this is listed as both 35 and 45 seconds.

    At the top it says there will be 15 exercises per cycle, but the highest number at the bottom of the list of exercises is 13. Six of them are three pairs doing it separately for the right and left sides, don’t know if each should be counted twice, but that is another matter.

  4. avatar

    I would LOVE to have the WODs in an iPad app format, complete with timer. I use several apps to exercise with, including JeFit, P90X, and LogYourRun, but having the WODs in the blog translated to a working app would be fantastic.

  5. avatar

    35 seconds or 45? :)

  6. avatar

    Great stuff. Sounds like fun. I could use some photos or video to explain some of exercises — especially when it comes to proper form. Hard to visualize — especially the Laterally Push-off and the Barbell lever.

  7. avatar

    For the lateral push off, this is how I understood it:

    Place your right foot on a bench or box and slightly bend your left knee. Instead of just stepping up onto the box, use the height of the foot on the box with the power in your legs to forcefully and quickly push off/”jump” up as high into the air as you can and land on the ground.

    As far as the barbell lever, I’ve seen guys in the gym do this one.

    Place one end of a barbell in the corner and the bar should lay at about a 45 degree angle from the wall. On the end that is sticking out, place plates on it to your desired load. Get in a semi lunge position and the leg that is back is the same shoulder you’ll rest the bar on. Hold the bar in your hand with your elbow tucked into your side, then dip slightly with your legs and powerfully drive up with your legs and hips. Continue this momentum of power up to drive the barbell up unto the air until your elbow is fully extended.

    I hope this helps and I didn’t confuse you more.

  8. avatar

    And instead of debating on whether it was 35 or 45 seconds of work, I made it a little harder on myself and went for the 45 to give each round a minute.

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