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~By James Villepigue CSCS & Hobie Call

This week’s Spartan WOD is a killer combo of resistance training and cardio.

We love mixing it up and if you know anything about progressive fitness training, changing things up is the key to consistent results.

You’re going to be performing 7 total exercises today. Now that doesn’t sound like a lot, but read on…

You’ll be breaking up the resistance training exercises from the cardio/core training movements.

You’ll also be following two different work-to-rest ratio time frames.

Your resistance-training (the first) segment will consist of 5 exercises and will follow a 42-second work time and a 20-second rest time.

Your cardio/core training segment will consist of only two exercises and will follow a 10 set flurry of back-to-back 45-second work times… In other words, you’ll perform one exercise for 45-seconds and without ANY rest, jump right into the next movement for 45-seconds…then jump back to the first and continue following that pattern for 10 total sets!

Here’s the thing with this type of back-to-back work times – when you’ve completed the first movement’s 45-second work time, you MUST get to the next movement as fast as you can, as the consecutive 45-second work time will already be counting down.

This will naturally interfere with your work time and as you move into your later sets and your body begins to exhaust, it could interfere even more…your job is to stay strong and not allow too much interference. Remember, the sweat & pain associated with your WOD will only last a short time, but the pain of quitting will last you a lifetime!

(Jump rope mechanics: every time you jump, allow the wrists to turn as you jump up – this simultaneous momentum driven jump with wrist turn will help you get that rope under your feet at just the right time. Otherwise it’s difficult because you’re treating the jump and the rope swing at two independent movements.)

Let’s Do This…

As always, before you actually begin training, please take a minute or two to first review the Exercise Burst list. This will help you by allowing you to set up each of your exercise Burst stations and will help you mentally prepare and improve your performance, which will lead to better results.

Here’s Your List of Movements…

Resistance Training Bout: 42/20 W-T-R

1-  Pull-Ups (weighted) – Your job is to stick a weight plat between your legs and use those adductor muscles to squeeze and hold it there. I want you to perform as many pull-ups as you can with that weight in place. As you begin to exhaust, drop the weight plate and continue on for the rest of your work time.

Take a shoulder width overhand grip and grip that handle as hard as you can (grabbing the handle with a tight grip will help to prepare your body for the exertion – Make every muscle in your body rigid just before you begin pulling up).

Before you begin, stick that chest out, keep those shoulders pinned back and depressed down, abs tight, arch that lower back, bend at the knees and interlock your ankles, look up to where you want to pull and as you pull up, begin your exhale and think about driving your elbows down into the ground below you.

2-  Deep Knee Dead Lifts – We often give you the Romanian Dead Lift, but this time we want you to squat down more, which will majorly call upon the legs.

Please make sure to arch your lower back—don’t round it— and squeeze your shoulder blades to hold your shoulders back. Make a point of pushing your butt back as if you were going to sit in a chair and keep your shins vertical.

Remember to keep your eyes on the ceiling throughout the movement. This keeps your back aligned properly so that you will lift with your legs instead of your back. During the descent tighten up your entire body to keep alignment correct. I call this the full body tension technique and it’s a great way to call upon all muscles for work time, while helping to avoid injury because all muscles are working to keep joints and connective tissue guarded.

3-  Shoulder Thruster – Try to find a squat or hack squat machine that allows you to stand inward on the angled platform. Take hold of the shoulder pads and use your shoulders (to start) to lift the chassis so that you can disengage from the holding clips. Now stand and contract all of your major muscles…this will help to prepare your body for the work to come and will help keep your lower back safe from injury. Stand in alignment with the platforms angle, take a deep breath and push press the pads up on an angle (not straight up). You may use your legs by squatting back & down as you lower the bar…this can help you to generate force for a powerful push press. This is especially useful as your shoulders begin to exhaust.

4-    Bent Over Row – Take hold of a bar (you can also use DB’s) with an overhand, shoulder width grip or wider.  Take a hip width stance, bend your knees slightly to start, abs tight, lower back arched and kept tight, chest out, shoulders pulled back and held down. Pick up the bar, walk out from the rack and prepare for the movement. With all muscles rigid, bend over at the hips, until your upper body is close to parallel with the floor. Drive the elbows up and back toward the ceiling behind you. Bring the bar just under your belly button and really contract those back muscles.


5-  Pole Climbs – (no pic, so please pay attention & use your imagination) This is a tough one and calls for super safety on your part: I want you to find a cable pull-down station that has the foam roller pads that are used to lock in your upper thighs. Bring the locking mechanism to its lowest setting and once locked in, tug up on the foam roller pads to make certain that they are locked in place. Find a rubber coated body bar (you may use a straight pull-down bar, but you must make sure that it doesn’t slide on the flooring. If it does, skip this exercise! Now, kneel on the seat, with knees pointing away from the machine and your lower leg, heel and Achilles locked under the foam rollers.

Sit straight up and take hold of the bar at the top. When ready, slowly walk your hands down the bar all the way to the bottom and without delay; walk them back up to the top. There is a distinction to be made here – This exercise can be used to either ignite your upper body (shoulders, chest, triceps & core) or it can obliterate the hamstring muscles. This is where you come in – If you want to hit the upper body, you must consciously relax those muscles and direct the stimulation to those upper body muscles. Vice versa if you want to tag the hamstrings. You can use both to your benefit – if you’re focusing on upper body stimulation, you will surely begin to exhaust as the time counts down. As you begin to tire, you may allow the hamstrings to play a spotter role and assist the upper body to complete a walk up or down the pole.

1 Minute Rest at the end of the 5th exercise

Repeat 1 to 4 times!

1 Cycle = 5.16 Minutes

2 Cycles = 12.32 Minutes

3 Cycles = 18.48 Minutes

4 Cycles = 24.64 Minutes

Cardio Training Bout: 45/45 W-T-R

Jump Rope Followed By Planks for 10 total Bouts

1- Plank X Jump Rope

2- Plank X Jump Rope

3- Plank X Jump Rope

4- Plank X Jump Rope

5- Plank X Jump Rope

6- Plank X Jump Rope

7- Plank X Jump Rope

8- Plank X Jump Rope

9- Plank X Jump Rope

10- Plank X Jump Rope

Perform 1 time

1 Cycle = 15 Minutes

If at any point during the circuit, you feel dizzy, nauseous or you cannot catch your breath, please be smart and stop! Take the time to assess your condition.

If you haven’t already, get yourself a timer. Here is a great GymBoss App that I found:

Please remember, that we are doing our best to help inspire you to conquer any course you choose to take on – Please take just a moment to share your WOD results with Hobie and I, under this post. Many thanks!!!

Keep Going!

James Villepigue & Hobie Call


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  1. avatar

    What do you do if you can’t do a pull-up yet? Never have been able to do one. Ugh!

  2. avatar

    What ever happened to the workout that everyone has equipment for?

  3. avatar

    Just got out of work threw on my sneakers and hit up this workout. I was a little bummed that I didnt have the proper equipment but instead of skipping I improvised. I switched out the shoulder thruster for a burpees with a dumbbell thrust, and I switched out the pole climb for pushups I switched it up each round regular, wide, military, and decline pushups. I did four rounds total then moved on to jump rope and planks. I did the full ten rounds but I was getting super shaky. Thanks for yet another great workout.

  4. avatar

    No idea what the pole climb is, even after reading the description a couple of times – this is the one that really needed illustration.

  5. avatar

    Hey Rick and Zoom. Do the second portion of the WOD and I will keep all WOD’s focused on the bare essentials from now on. Can you handle DB’s and a bench?

  6. avatar

    Hella-fab WOD! I got 4 sets of the main bout, the 2nd bout I did 5 at 45′s then 5 at 35′s. Subbed non-weighted pull-ups; kettles for the push presses; and a rope climb/hang for the last part.

    I could barely open my Gatorade afterwards. I feel destroyed!

    Thank you!

  7. avatar

    Check that: 3 sets of the main bout. I could not grip anything after that.

  8. avatar

    Going to bust this out tonight!!!

  9. avatar

    Nice job, Mike!

    Ty, how did you do?

  10. avatar

    Thanks, James. I can do that.

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