WOD for July 3rd, 2012 brought to you by Gaspari Nutrition

~By James Villepigue CSCS & Hobie Call

Happy 4th of July, Spartan’s!!!

This week’s Spartan WOD is a non-stop explosive series of plyometric-based exercises, which will improve your overall physical performance and improve your endurance.

We’ve got 10 exercises on today’s menu, but you’ve got to consume everything you’re given, gang!

Here’s what you’ll be doing. Perform the first exercise for the duration of 25 seconds. We want you to go all out on this movement, knowing that that you’ll soon be resting (well, sort of), in less than 25 seconds.

At the end of the first exercise, you’ll now perform the jump rope exercise for 25 seconds of active rest. Yep, I said it! We want you to jump at a moderate pace…nothing too fast, as we do want you to recover. Some people have a problem getting their timing down when they jump rope.

Here’s a technique that works wonders: every time you jump, allow the wrists to turn as you jump up – this simultaneous momentum driven jump with wrist turn will help you get that rope under your feet at just the right time. Otherwise it’s difficult because you’re treating the jump and the rope swing at two independent movements. Try it…it works!

Here’s the deal; your active rest won’t allow you to completely rest, but it is a very low intensity compared to the last exercise you did. This type of training is great for building the type of endurance necessary for conquering a Spartan race course.

Here are today’s Burst Bout exercises (Burst = a consistent & non-stop flurry of work – Bout = the full cycle/circuit of Burst movements.)

Here we go…

As always, before you actually begin training, please take a minute or two to first review the Exercise Burst list. This will help you by allowing you to set up each of your exercise Burst stations and will help you mentally prepare and improve your performance, which will lead to better results.

Today’s work-to-rest ratio is 25 seconds of work and 25 seconds of active rest. At the end of the 10th exercise, you get a full one-minute, complete rest.

Here’s Your List of Movements…

25/25 W-T-AR–

1-  Bodyweight Squat Jumps Take a hip width stance. Keep your head up, chest out, shoulders pulled back and kept down, abs tight, arch the lower back and stick the butt out. Bend at the hips first, not the knees. I want you to lower your body slowly and from the bottom position, explosively jump as high as you can!

2-  PlyoPower Push-Ups– Take a standard push-up top position. Lower you body at regular speed and once you hit the bottom, explode up so that your hands come off the floor. The pattern now changes…when you come back down from the elevated push, lower your body quickly now and go right into your next explosive push up.

3-  Jumps To Bench – Take a hip width stance right in front of a platform, bench or something like a Reebok step that’s loaded with two, three or more steps.

You want the platform to be high enough to challenge you, so use your better judgment to choose the right height. Practice with a few different heights before committing to your working height.

4-  Power Rows– I prefer a cable row or a machine rather than free weight with this one. Ideally, a one-arm standing cable row is awesome for this movement, but you can still achieve a great effect using two arms and a cambered or straight bar. You can also do these seated on a machine. The key with any explosive movement is to explode on the concentric phase and rebound quickly on the eccentric. You want to avoid jerking movements and sloppy form, but the rebound effect, such as the landing and rebound during a Squat Jump, is what releases the coiled and collected energy that helps produce power. If working with a cable pulley, keep your leg in line with the working arm and maintain good posture as you’re working.

5-  Bench Step-Ups (Right Leg) – Place the working left right in the middle of the bench and step up ONLY using that leg. The rear leg is for balance only. Keep the body fully erect during the movement…no slouching! Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself by holding on to two dumbbells.

6-  Bench Step-Ups (Left Leg) – Same as above.

7-  Barbell Push Press – Place a barbell on rack pins at shoulder height. Keep the elbows tight to the body and take hold of the bar with an overhand grip. Pick up the bar and walk out to clear the rack.

To begin, take a hip width stance, knees slightly bent, abs tight, lower back tight, chest out and shoulders engaged and ready to work. Now slightly bend at the knees, as if you were squatting and explosively stand and simultaneously press the bar overhead. It’s important to move quickly/explosively during the push phase, but slowly and controlled as you lower the bar. 25 seconds will still allow you to get about 8 solid repetitions.

8-  Push-Ups – Move as fast as you can here, using a full range of motion. Keep all muscles rigid, spin straight and move at a rapid speed, without sacrificing form.

9-  Stationary Lunge (Right Leg) – Lunge the right leg out and push back using the front part of the foot – This will help to engage the quadriceps more than the hamstrings. Step out and far enough to avoid the knees going beyond your toes

10-  Stationary Lunge (Left Leg) – Same as above.

 Minute Rest at the end of the 10th exercise

Repeat 1 to 4 times!

1 Cycle = 8.3 Minutes

2 Cycles = 18 Minutes

3 Cycles = 27 Minutes

4 Cycles = 36 Minutes

If at any point during the circuit, you feel dizzy, nauseous or you cannot catch your breath, please be smart and stop! Take the time to assess your condition.

If you haven’t already, get yourself a timer.

Use a smart phone timer app or get yourself a Gymboss Timer.

Please remember to share your results under this post!

Keep Going!

James Villepigue & Hobie Call


10 Responses

  1. avatar

    X 3 – fun workout! I got a great sweat on and higher heart rate than just doing a 3 mile run!

  2. avatar

    If I don’t have access to a rowing machine what can I do instead?

  3. avatar

    Thank you!!! WOD works wonders.

  4. avatar

    The workout was tough to complete, but i finished and finished with 3 circuits under my belt. I’m feeling good and looking forward to May of 2013.

  5. avatar

    Great workout. This looks devilishly mean.

    What smartphone app(s) do people use for the repeat timers needed for a workout like this?


  6. avatar

    Wow! I had knee surgery in October, hard recovery, and I haven’t worked out in over a year. I found this site and decided today was the day to start. i figured I’d do one set and then die. Well, after the first round I was excited so I did a second and I feel so much better! I got a great sweat on. I can hardly wait for tomorrow’s adventure. LOVE IT!

  7. avatar

    Holy, great workout! I did the full 4 cycles, but I decided to add some abs at the end of the workout. For the ones that are interested, I added 300 abs (spartan concept ahah) that consist in 12 different series of 25 reps, and you pick the ab exercices at your discretion. The importance is not to rest in between series, and to do the 300 straight up! GO SPARTANS!

  8. avatar

    3 sets. the gym I used today didn’t have a jump rope, so I subbed JJ’s in place of the active rest. And I had to jog across the gym for the push presses.

    I liked this one.

    Thanks a ton!

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    Andriod, HIIT Interval timer. Free. You can set prep time, work, rest, rounds, cool down. Gives audio queues. Works well with other audio/mp3 players.

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