This WOD was submitted by Nick Williams, a Spartan Street Team Member.  Enjoy, it’s a good one! He was cool enough as to include some notes to help you out if some of the exercises are new to you.

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“The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow” -Robert Moore

Warmup: Jump Rope – 2 minutes Stretch all Major Muscle Groups

15 Pushups
20 Jump Squats
15 Tricep Dips
20 Gobble Squats with Alternating Reverse Lunge
15 Decline Pushups
20 Split Jump Squats
15 Military Pushups
20 Broad Jumps
15 Dive Bomb Pushups
20 Athletic Stance X Band Side Steps (10 each direction)
30 Brazilian Ab Twists
20 Straight Leg Sit-Up to V-Up
30 Bicycle Crunches
MAX Pullups

Sprint Training: 1-2 Rounds
Super Training: 3-4 Rounds
Beast Training: 5-6 Rounds

Cool Down: 1-2 mile jog between 60-70% of competition pace, Stretch All Major Muscle Groups


Gobble Squat with Alternating Reverse Lunge: – Gobble Squat holding a kettle Bell and then perform an alternating reverse lunge on one leg and then the other to complete 1 Rep.

Dive Bomber Pushups: The Dive-bomber Pushup is often confused with the Dand or Hindu Pushup. Begin with your hands and feet on the floor and your hips raised, so your body forms an inverted V.  Lower your shoulders, then glide your chest forward, bringing it between your hands and up toward the ceiling.  Keep hands 2 to 3 inches wider than your shoulders and your knees and hips 2 to 3 inches off the floor.  Reverse the move, bringing your hips back toward the ceiling.

An example video is here 

Athletic Stance X Band Side Step: (Can be performed with a mini band or a Thera-band with handles) – Place the thera-band under the arches of both feet and then cross the handles.  Put as much tension on the band as you can and then squat down into an athletic stance.  While keeping this position and keeping the band tight, side step to one side keeping your hips at the same level and then side step with your other foot in the same direction in a controlled manner.  Try to never let your feet get closer than shoulder width apart when you perform the side step with your “back” foot.  Perform 10 steps in one direction and then perform 10 steps in the other direction to work both legs equally.

Here is a video I just found which shows what I mean.

This is a killer exercise for your legs and glutes.

Straight Leg Sit-Up to V-Up: Begin by lying supine with your arms straight over your head and your legs straight and angled at 45 degrees (forming a V).    Part #1 – Complete a straight leg sit-up and touch your hands to your toes. Part #2 – While keeping your body rigid, begin to lie back and when you are half way back let your momentum carry your lower legs towards you and complete a V-Up.  This is 1 Rep.

Here is a video showing this exercise


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    What is the difference between a push-up and a Military push-up?

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      A military push-up is with the hands only shoulder width apart in plank position. Then when you lower your body to the floor you keep your elbows tucked in tight to your body just allowing the trunk (rib-cage) of your body to brush against the inside of your arms.

      To give you an idea, I can do 50 regular push-ups with a little huffing and puffing. After 15 military push-ups, my triceps are screaming. This, of course, is what this exercise is supposed to do. It probably also loads the shoulder muscles more than a regular push-up come to think of it!

      Hope this helps,

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    How many seconds of rest do you recommend between each exercise (if any)?

    Also, how much rest between rounds??

    I like how you broke it out for the different levels of racing.


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    Best ever!!!! First and not the last!!! Thank you for an organized , challenging day. I am now addicted!!!!! Thank you again.

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