WOD for Monday, April 9th, 2012 presented by Gaspari Nutrition

(To be planned on being performed on Tuesday)

~By James Villepigue CSCS & Hobie Call 



Hey, Hey, Hey Spartan’s. Welcome back to another Burst Bouts WOD

We’ll be performing a total of 8 Bursts, with half being dedicated to leg muscle exercises.

Let’s set your timer app or GymBoss Timer to 30 seconds of work and 12 seconds of rest. This is a nice combination of work-to-rest and will allow you to get a good amount of work in with a quick breather in between Bursts.

Make sure to choose an appropriate weight, so that the 30 seconds of work is challenging, but not so challenging, that you can’t recover for your consecutive Bursts.

You’ll have a minute rest at the end of each Bout aka the end of the 8th Bursts.

Here’s today’s WOD exercises…

1.  Front Squats to Shoulder Press – Hold db’s up by shoulders with a palms forward grip – When you are ascending from a deep squat, use the momentum and fluidly press the db’s up overhead.

2.  Dumbbell Underhand Row – Bend over at the hips, arch the back to create a tight lumbar curve and drive the elbows up to the ceiling in an upward arching motion behind you.

3.  Alternating Bench Step Ups – Alternate your legs and place your foot smack in the middle of the bench and be sure to allow the working leg (the one stepping up) to do all the work!

4.  Incline Dumbbell Chest Press – Retract your scapula back into the bench, which will help keep the emphasis on the pectoral muscles and take away some of the anterior deltoid activation.

5.  Reverse Lunges – Maintain an upright posture and watch your balance – Let the working leg to the work and avoid allowing the push-off from the leg that is only supposed to be supporting balance.

6.  Dumbbell Lateral Raises – Take it slow – many people like to use too much momentum with this one – Allow the medial deltoids to lift and lower the weight.

7.  Forward Dumbbell Lunges – Step out and far enough to avoid the knees going beyond your toes – roll from heel to toe and like the reverse lunges, only allow the lunging leg to do the work and the back leg to balance.

8.  Bent Over Rear Deltoid Raises - Just like the underhand bent row, bend over at the hips, arch the back to create a tight lumbar curve – Now, keep the arms straight and drive the arms straight out to the sides of your body, focubg on stimulation of the rear deltoids. Keep the tempo slow and controlled.
1 Minute Rest

Perform 4 total Bouts with 1 minute rest between the first 3 Bouts = Only 25.4 Minutes!

Ready to rock this strength training workout from home?  Make sure you’ve got the following on hand…

If you haven’t already, gear up with an adequate timer.

Use a smart phone timer app or get yourself a Gymboss Timer

Set the GymBoss to 30/12 and do yourself a favor and think about how much weight you’ll be using for each exercise prior to beginning the Burst Bout session.

Perform 4 total Bouts, with a 1 minute rest between the first 3.

Can’t wait to read how you all did. Let us know! ;-)

Get It!

James Villepigue & Hobie Call

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    what is a bout? how many repititions/sets?

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      It was good to see everyone in the new spiaocus location! Used the 35# DB for the strick press. Got up to 165# on the cleans on the third rep. Decided to stop there even though I could do more weight, to save my shoulder for the WOD and work on form. Did the remaining reps at 165#.Did the WOD as an AMRAP finished with 5 rounds plus bars and 4 lunges using 45# plate as Rx’ed. Great WOD. My legs and hips are already feeling it.

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    We had to throw in some extra workouts today because it wasn’t tough enough, if you really want to break us off throw in some burpee pull ups

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    Killer workout! Shoulders are on fire!!!!

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      Nice post Jess! I will be running the Nike 1/2 martohan this Sunday in SF and like you, I didn’t put the mileage that I used to for my previous races and also have been cross fitting for 3 months already. I am feeling less nervous now that I am reading your post. Hopefully I can shave off 7 minutes as well!

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    Would it be possible to see pictures or diagram for correct form?

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