WOD for Monday, March 20th 2012 presented by Gaspari Nutrition

~By James Villepigue CSCS & Hobie Call



The Burst Bouts Challenge

Today’s WOD is a killer combo of 5 total exercises – There are two resistance training exercise Bursts, 2 cardio/core exercise Bursts and one isometric core stabilizer Burst, which is purposely placed smack in the middle of the Bout.

Our objective here is to see how many repetitions you can perform in 50 seconds time.  You will have 10 seconds to transition from one exercise to the next and you will perform a total of 3 Bouts/Rounds of the 5 exercises.

We recommend using the Gym Boss timer or perhaps a free smart phone app to help keep tabs on your 50/10 Work-To-Rest ratio.  If you don’t have an interval timer, either get one or have someone keep tabs on time for you.

This training protocol is a great way to test your strength, cardio and muscle endurance.

Set Your Gym Boss To A 50 Second Work Interval & A 10 Second Rest Interval – Perform A Total Of 3 Bouts:

1. How many pushups in 50 seconds

2. How many chin-ups can your perform in 50 seconds? If you can’t perform the chin-up swap out for dumbbell biceps – How many in 50 seconds – Men use 30lb DB’s/Women 15lbs

3. Hold the Plank position for 50 seconds

4. How many Burpees in 50 seconds

5. How many Abdominal Bicycles in 50 seconds

6. Take 1 minute rest before performing the next Bout

I just went through my own Burst Bouts Challenge and did about 60 Pushups, 40 Biceps Curls, 26 Burpees and 55 Bicycles.  I wasn’t particularly happy with my personal results, but I am determined to improve over the next two weeks.

With a 3 minute cool down, which consists of walk with knees high and over/under arm swings, 3 Bouts gives you an immensely intense 20-minute Burst Bouts workout!

Please leave us a comment and tell us how you did.

Keep Going…

Your Coach,

James Villepigue & Hobie Call

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    Your standard watch with regular count-down timer beeps for 10 seconds. Set for 1 minute on Repeat and you have a 50/10 split without having to buy any additional gear.

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    I’ve got one better. 5 sets each pullups- 12 reps. w/ 20lbs. weighted vest, dips-30reps. w/ vest, pushups- 50reps. w/ vest, hanging leg raises-10 reps. w/ vest, & hanging leg raises w/ twist- 10 reps. to each side w/ vest. Navy SEAL exercises. This is after 45 mins. on treadmill w/ vest & incline graduated. total time 1.20

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    I don,t wANT TO SOUND LIKE AN IDIOT but what is a burpee and how do you do it thanks for the WOD keep sending them

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    pushups were modified and pull ups were assisted because i dont have 15 lbs dumbells … need to invest.

    push-ups on knees – 88
    chin-ups, with assist band – 39
    burpees – 39
    bicycles – 47

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      When we do this, are we providing our round 1 numbers…which will most likely be the highest? I’d think in round 2 everyone would likely do a few less of each strength related exercise, i.e. pushups.

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    WOW!!! Another great workout! Heres my totals
    SET 1/2/3/ Total
    Pushups 60/45/50/155
    Chin Ups 20/20/curls 12 each arm
    (chin ups were to failure then assisted)
    Burpees 13/13/13/36
    Bicycles 45/40/44/129(each leg)

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    Mike, I didn’t know either. There are plenty of videos on You Tube. They’re hard to explain.

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    Round 1:
    Push Ups: 40
    Pull Ups: 27
    Burpees: 10
    Bicycles: 27

    Round 2:
    Push Ups: 27
    Pull Ups: 20
    Burpees: 8
    Bicycles: 20

    Round 3:
    Push Ups: 30
    Pull Ups: 21
    Burpees: 8
    Bicycles: 27

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    Initially the workout looked fun but not overly difficult. After the workout, a new found respect for it. I completed a short run afterward and my legs were definitely wasted.

    Thanks for the workout.

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    are you adding all 3 bouts together?

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    1 40 before i had to go to knees
    2 12 chin ups before I had to jump and let go slowly
    3 last the last 20 seconds on the 3rd plank
    4 I’ll be generous and say 10
    5 couldn’t count ut much better than the others

    Not happy but this is only my second Spartan work out and I havn’t worked out since I got out of the army.

    Word of the day for your workout of the day: Skraeling – a Vikiing word meaning weakling or runt

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    Great workout!!! I did the bicep curls because I tweaked my neck doing chim-ups in January.

    Pushups: 77
    Bicep Curls: 63
    Burpees: 51
    Bicycles: 65

    Oh and for Mike…..this is a burpee….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_Dq_NCzj8M

    Happy Training folks.

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    Push Ups: 25 23 26
    #15 DBs: 24 22 26
    Burpees: 7 7 9
    Ab-cycle: 80 85 73 counting both legs
    Felt Good!

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    Push Ups: 23 24 20
    #25 DBs: 26 25 25 Don’t have #30, chip bar on the way
    Burpees: 10 10 11
    Ab-cycle: 80 64 80 counting both legs
    My arms hurt! argh!

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    RXed w/o the 1 minute rest between bouts
    60 pushups
    50 DB curls (25 each arm)
    36 burpees
    didn’t count the number of ab bikes ;)

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    80 pushups
    40 chin-ups
    36 burpees
    91 bicycles (form could have been better probably)

    Thx for putting this out there!

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    Can someone please explain to me exactly what a burpee is and how it is performed? Where did the name come from?

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