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~By Hobie Call & James Villepigue CSCS

Bringing Out Your Beast On Race Day:
The day before your race should be the most boring day of your life.  Your body can only produce “adrenaline”, “endorphins”, etc. so fast.

One of the biggest mistakes I used to make in my past was to watch an action packed inspirational movie the night before a race.  I would completely drain my adrenaline supplies watching the movie, and then the next morning, I would have nothing.

As determined as I was, my body just couldn’t produce that excited energy that I had experienced the night before.

Staying as relaxed and calm as you can from your last hard workout until just before you start to warm-up for your race, is vital if you want to perform your best.

Thanks Spartan’s!

Your Coach,

Hobie Call & James Villepigue

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    This is really interesting and very helpful. But I am not sure this is a workout of the day.I don’t want to be bored tomorrow lol.

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    Thanks for the advice Hobie. I watched “300″ the night before the GA Hurricane Heat and Spartan Sprint. Maybe that’s why I finished 56 minutes behind you! I had an awesome time and have my sights set on a faster finish.

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    so, when is the last workout i should get in before the race? should i let my body recover ?

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    Very interesting, I never knew that. I always thought you needed to workout your body even until the day before the big day.
    Thanks for the tip!

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    Some endurance athletes had told me not to train the entire week before the race or workout very light, is this true or should I keep my normal workout going up to a day or three before ?

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      I’m not a professional boiubydlder but i’ve been doing this for 5 weeks as well as cardio 3-4 times a week and I can say it definitely works. When you stop seeing results move up to level 3( which is way harder on your lower abs). Good luck

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