WOD for Wednesday, May 9th, 2012 brought to you by Gaspari Nutrition

~By James Villepigue CSCS & Hobie Call

WOD are you Spartans up to today? Here’s today’s Spartan Workout of the day, presented by the one and only, Gaspari Nutrition…sports nutrition for the best of us!

Today’s WOD is a little off the beaten path, but that’s what obstacle race training is all about; stepping off the pavement and into some wild terrain!

Today we’ll be focusing on upper body, cardio and core. You’ll be focusing on pull-ups, chin-ups, jump rope and the standard plank exercises.

You’ll be executing 20 total sets of exercise today, performing a specific superset sequence using two exercise movements for 10 sets and then another pair of exercise movements for another 10 sets.

Here’s how each superset sequence it will look and work:

  • 1st: 5 Sets of 10-12 Pull-ups X 5 sets of 1.5-minute Plank – 1-minute rest
  • 2nd: 5 Sets of 10-12 Chin-ups X 5 sets of 75 reps of the Bicycle Maneuver – that’s 75 per side! – 1-minute rest
  • 3rd: 5 Sets of 150 jump rope X 5 sets of 1-minute Plank – 1-minute rest
  • 4th: 5 Sets of 100 jump rope X 5 sets of 1-minute Plank – 1-minute rest

Please have a timer with a beep indicator to ensure that you keep tabs on your work time. At the end of each 5th set, you’ll have a 1 minute break – It’s not a lot of rest, but it’s the type of training develops race worthy conditioning!

As always, if you feel like you need to take more rest, take it, but DO NOT sell yourself short, Spartans!!!

Exercise Descriptions:

Pull-ups: You’d be surprised where you can do a chin-up or pull-up. Look in your home for a sturdy ledge or outside for a fairly low hanging horizontal branch. Make it fun and challenging!

Take a shoulder width overhand grip and grip that handle as hard as you can (grabbing the handle with a tight grip will help to prepare your body for the exertion – Make every muscle in your body rigid just before you begin pulling up).

Before you begin, stick that chest out, keep those shoulders pinned back and depressed down, abs tight, arch that lower back, bend at the knees and interlock your ankles, look up to where you want to pull and as you pull up, begin your exhale and think about driving your elbows down into the ground below you.

Chin-ups: Take a shoulder width or narrower underhand grip and keep those elbows closer to your sides. Now, follow the same form as the Pull-up.

Plank:  Get on the floor and face downward. Take a modified pushup position, where your forearms are positioned on the ulna/pinky down with palms facing each other, but fists clenched. Forearms are in straight line, parallel to one another. Get up on your tiptoes and keep them rigid. Legs are completely straight and maintained in a tight position. Keep a neutral spine and make sure that the spine is straight and doesn’t dip down or peak up. I want you to focus on keeping your abdominals contracted throughout the full 1-minute, as this will both help to keep a rigid and straight spine, plus will further engage those abdominal muscles.

Jump Rope: Nothing fancy here, folks. Feet are hip width or closer. I want you to keep your hands down low and when you jump, allow the wrists to flip with the jump, so that the rope follows your jump pattern. This will ensure that your timing is accurate and will help prevent the rope from catching your toes. The objective is to keep the jump shallow, but keep the jump rope speed as rapid as you possibly can! If you find that you keep catching the rope on your toes, hang in there…it’s a simple timing issue and will be solved with some patience and commitment. I promise!

As always, please have some cool water, a towel and a timer with you.

Please remember to let Hobie and I know how you did!

Keep Going!

James Villepigue & Hobie Call



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    What is the bicycle maneuver? I’ve done different varieties of it and want to make sure I’m doing the recommended one for this particular workout :-)

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    Oof… Sounds like a true world shaker of a WOD. One thing, great descriptions of the workout, except for the Bicycle maneuver. Can you give some detail on that? Thanks for putting this together (although I may be less thankful as I attempt it!)

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    Ya left out what the helk “bicycle maneuver” means…

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    this is some great stuff..

    check out a short ployometric workout by Team ReFit

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    James and Hobie
    This looks like a great workout and I love the exercise descriptions – esp the detail on form. Can you please provide a description of ‘bicycle maneuver’?


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    The bicycle maneuver has been regarded as one of the most effective abdominal/core exercises in existence. Take a lying position on your back and bring your legs in toward your chest to start.

    You’ll be raising your knees so that your thighs are perpendicular to the floor & your lower legs will be parallel to the floor, thus creating a 90-degree angle.
    Now, interlace your fingers/hands behind your neck and get ready to twist – You must be careful not to pull on your neck during the actual exercise. You’re placing your hands behind your head in order to help optimally twist your upper torso toward each knee.

    I want you to begin by flexing/crunching the spine and holding that isometric contraction for the entirety of the set. Now, exhale, and begin the motion by twisting your right elbow across your body, to your left knee, which will be drawn in…your right leg should be extended fully out.

    Do your very best to touch your elbow to your knee; but even more importantly, concentrate on driving that left shoulder across your body, as that’s where the most effective abdominal work comes in.
    Okay, now inhale as you slowly return back to the start/neutral position, but do not lower your head back to the floor and continue to hold that tight isometric contraction in your abdominal muscles.

    Without rest, repeat the twisting on the other side, driving the left elbow/shoulder across your body, toward your right drawn in knee, while the left leg is fully extended out.

    As you hopefully realize, the twisting motion from right elbow/shoulder toward left knee and left elbow/shoulder toward right knee along with the opposing leg extension should all be a very fluid and seamless transition as you execute your target # of repetitions.

    Hope this helped!



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    Getting Ready To Start My First WOD workout… Will be back to tell you how it went! Spartan Strong!

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    Kill it, Rory!

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