Spartan Race has a way of infiltrating your life the whole time. The most mundane of everyday tasks and chores suddenly morph into Spartan Race-themed scenarios.  As a bit of fun to see out 2013, we compiled this list. How many apply to you? You know you might be a Spartan Racer when…

1) You take a backpack to the grocery store in order to fill it with shopping. “Hiking” back counts, because you’re carrying 40lbs of canned corn.

2) You’re at an airport and are bored. You look around and make sure no one is looking as you do some elevated push-ups with your feet on the seat behind you.

3) Your car is blocked in by another at the parking lot and the shopping cart corral is in the way. You suddenly consider this a cool obstacle to climb over.

4) You take stairs at the office block 3 at a time and call them elevated lunges.

5) You go to Home Depot for a lightbulb and somehow end up in building materials staring longingly at the sand bags.

6) Whilst jogging, you look for puddles to run through instead of avoiding them.

7) You see some gardeners chopping down trees, trimming hedges and sweeping leaves…. and go ask for the logs for chopping.

8) On a nice drive to the country, you don’t see nature or beautiful landscapes, you see somewhere where they could set up a Super because you need one for your Trifecta.

9) You color code your house keys red, blue and green.

10) For men – you find you have more trail running shoes than all of your wife’s shoes’ combined.

11) For women – you have more trail shoes than “smart/dress” shoes.

12) When grocery shopping, you allow yourself some white bread, “as a treat”.

13) You also grab a bag of kale or spinach, purely because you feel guilty for not having enough “green” in the basket.

14) You suddenly compete with shoppers in terms of how much you can carry in a hand basket.

15)  Driving on the freeway, you see a tire on the shoulder and wish you could stop to get it. Just to have it. “For training”.

16) You analyze the way your kids play on monkey bars and tell them they’re doing it wrong.

17) You have a well-drilled technique for changing out of wet and muddy clothes into dry ones.

18) Trucks transporting huge agricultural tires makes you think about that time at that race when…

19) You can talk about trail running shoes to your friend all evening while your spouses’ eyes glaze over and you don’t think you’re doing anything wrong.

20) You think the joggers on the beach not carrying or dragging a car tire are the odd ones.

21) You always consult the Spartan Race event schedule before you plan minor things like weddings and christenings.

22) Your everyday t-shirts are worn rotation of; finishers shirt, Hurricane Heat shirt, event-specific shirt, “I’m In Training For” shirt, and back to the beginning.
How do you know you’re addicted to Spartan Race? Leave your comments below!

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    #addictedbeyondmeasure #nocure

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    My son gave me a spear for Christmas and we spent a hour throwing it and heaving tractor tires after the WOD at Five Cities Cross Fit.
    Then he leaves for school and takes both his and my spear with him! Clearly it’s a plot to make me have to do burpees by missing the spear toss.
    It won’t work.

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