The Spartan Trifecta Tribe is a special crew.  Athletes who race and compete a Spartan Sprint, Super, and Beast in one calendar year they earn all three medals – red, blue, and green hardware to show for their efforts and their commitment to the training it takes to get the job done. Recently, we found our youngest Trifecta Tribe finisher, Jordan Morales who runs with his family at endurance events.  
While Jordan’s accomplishment is incredible, the story about his family and why they run is something additional we wanted to share with the Spartan community.  Congratulations on your accomplishments, Jordan.  
Here is the story of Team Nanay from their Captain and Jordan’s father, Albert ‘Mikey’ Morales. 
I really don’t know where to begin, but I was 13 years old when I lost my father.  He was a cop for almost 20 years and it was at a time that we were just starting to bond together.  In fact, it took me 17 years to finally able to see and cope with life again and re-new my faith in God.
I started running and in March 2011 I did my first marathon – the LA Marathon.  26.2 miles on a brutal, stormy day that ended with my being told that my cousin Don had been gunned down and killed.  I was devastated.  Tragedy struck again in December of that same year when on Christmas day we lost our beloved grandmother Nanay from pancreatic cancer.  Yet again, my world came crashing down around me.
December 2011 Christmas day,  we all loss our very beloved grandma Nanay from pancreatic cancer.  My world just came crushing down again.  As the oldest of all the grandkids I was very close to her and it is still hard for me to cope with – she was the true foundation of our family.
But in the loss I wanted there to be some meaning.  So, since her passing, I have run at least 10 marathons, 70.3 and obstacle races ,all in my Team Nanay’s cause.  We want to to stand up to cancer and pushing ourselves physically is the perfect way to send that message to family and friends and to fight cancer actively every day.
We have found Spartan Race as a great way for Team Nanay to get involved and go out there and make a difference, motivate and inspire others.  I believe Spartan Race has achieved it’s goal in making sure that this is not only a great organization but indeed, a true test of mental and physical challenge and a great way of bringing the family and friends together.
I am proud that my Team Nanay has conquered the Trifecta series and that my son, Jordan Morales, age 14 is the youngest ever to complete the series.
Thank you
From Team Nanay’s Captain
Albert ‘Mikey’ Morales

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    Way to go………..JORDAN

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    keep it up and make TEAM NANAY PROUD..CONGRATS

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    congrats to my dad,and my brother Jordan for finishing the spartan race!!
    anything is possible especially for are Team Nanay .
    this why I run.

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